View Full Version : Issues synching from ACT>CompanionLink>Nokia Lumia 920 with Dejaoffice

09-16-2013, 07:06 AM
Hi there,

The synch from ACT to companionlink works fine - but then when I synch to the phone via dejaoffice it either doesn't update the contacts in the People app or the People app crashes if I try to open it.

If I try to open dejacontacts it just crashes the Dejaoffice app so I cant even check what has synched across.

Can you please tell me which boxes should I have ticked in the setup on the phone? It is currently taking me all day to try to add contacts to the CEOs phone and its not something we have this much time to spend on.

Many thanks,


09-16-2013, 07:21 AM
gingerclaire, it sounds like your CEO has a lot of data. Maybe something is giving problems.

Let's get on the phone and figure it out. We just got in. Give a call to CompanionLink at 503-243-3400 (Select Admin) and as for Matt. I'm guessing you are in the UK since you "ticked" the boxes rather than "checked" them... If you like we can call you back when we have your info.