View Full Version : DejaCalendar Crashing When Adding With and Category

01-05-2014, 03:12 AM
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with all patches
Palm Desktop 6.2.2
Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8

Originally, I created a Calendar appointment with a category of Personal. I then tried to an a With from a different category and DejaCalendar crashed. I changed the category of the appointment to match the category of the With I was trying to add and was able to add it. I then changed the category of the Calendar appointment back to personal and all was well.

I need to create another Calendar appointment with the same set of cross categories between the appointment and the With. So this time I created the Calendar entry with the same category as the With and tried to add the contact -- DejaCalendar crashed. I now have an appointment that doesn't have a category and I cannot assign it a category -- DejaCalendar crashes if I try. It also crashes if I try to add a contact as a With.

I created another appointment from scratch with a category. I still cannot add a contact as a With.

01-08-2014, 11:09 AM
saberman, what is the exact name of the category that is crashing? I'd like to try it here.

01-08-2014, 02:27 PM
The first category was "Personal" as I noted in my post. The category of the contact I was trying to add was "Other". However, categories can be anything as they are user defined.

I noticed that there is a Start Logging option under Logging and Support Settings. What does it do and would it help identify the problem?

Matt J
01-13-2014, 02:51 PM
Hello Saberman,

Thanks for using DejaOffice. This crash is something we fixed recently. Please update to build by searching for DejaOffice in the Windows Phone Store and selecting update.

In answer to your question, logging is used for trouble shooting purposes and is only something you need to use if asked by a DejaOffice or CompanionLink employee.