View Full Version : DejaTasks: mirror the Sort Task options from Outlook?

04-27-2014, 06:40 AM
It would be nice to get more Sorting options for Tasks, so you can mirror some of the functions from Outlook.

the GROUP by Categories is good.

Then how about being able to SORT by these:

Recurring (ascending)
(then by)
Complete (ascending)
(then by)
Priority (descending)
(then by)
Subject (ascending)

That is how I sort in Outlook.

How hard is it to add a few more Sort criteria to Deja Tasks? I think the Recurring Task Sort option should be added, and then also being able to Sort in a few ways, in order like Outlook.

Right now we only get 1 Sort in Deja Tasks.

Outlook has 4 Sort fields for Tasks.

Is that easy to add to Deja?