View Full Version : Companionlink Dejaoffice Changes to Android After Installing

08-20-2010, 04:44 PM
I have an HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon (Android 2.1) syncing w/ a PC running Outlook 2007. I just installed Dejaoffice 1.6.4 beta and Companionlink 4.0 build 4008. I am trying out the software and so far I've noticed the following. Is this "normal" or is there a problem?

1) After I installed the software and synced I noticed that I can see all the contacts in the original Droid/HTC contact app People, but when I select a contact and hit Menu, the "Edit" option is missing. The only way to edit a contact is through DejaContacts. I can edit calendar events through DejaCalendar or the Droid/HTC app without any problems.

2) When I use Droid/HTC People app to add a contacts phone # to a Speed Dial, the next time I sync, all the Speed Dials are deleted and left unassigned.


08-23-2010, 05:13 PM

After some correspondence with tech support and some experimentation this is what I've figured out:

CL support thinks the contact editing problem is because the contact data is syncing to the "phone only" account which cannot be edited. After playing around with all the options and re-syncing several times I cannot figure out how to sync the contact data to another account using CL so it can be edited using the native Android contact app, People. My current solution is first to uncheck contact sync on the phone between DJO and Android. Then sync contact data from Outlook using CL to DJO and separately syncing the same contact data from Outlook to People using HTC Sync. It seems like DJO and People use 2 separate databases to store contact info so I have do 2 syncs to get everything to work right.

HTC Sync doesn't mess up the Speed Dial info like CL/DJO does, so that's no longer a problem.

I've figured out that it takes at least 2 syncs using CL/DJO before all my contacts are copied to the phone (450 contacts). The first time is always seems to miss a few contacts.

A quick way to delete all the contact data from People is to use Menu\Applications\Manage Applications\Contact Storage and select Clear Data. Then do a fresh sync of the all the contacts.

This workaround is a PITA. I hope this info helps CL and DJO fix this soon.

08-24-2010, 03:52 PM
After another day of tinkering with things I think I have it figured out. I wish someone would put this in a user manual.

It seems that CL/DJO use separate data files than the native Android apps for calendar and contacts. So if you uncheck the option in DJO to sync w/ native Android calendar and contacts it's possible to have 2 completely separate sets of calendars and contacts.

From what I can tell any native Android backup program will only backup the native Android data files. I think the CL/DJO data resides on the SD card in the clusb folder which could be backed up manually.

The native Android contact app People can see 2 different accounts for storing contact data: Phone and Google. I don't know if DJO makes this distinction. Phone entries reside only on the phone and cannot by edited on the phone. Phone entries cannot be synced with Google Contacts. I'm not really sure what purpose the Phone account even serves. When you sync DJO contacts with native Android contacts if the Account chosen is Backup Assistant then the data syncs to the Phone account. If the Account chosen is a Gmail account then it's synced to the Google account. Contact entries in the Google account can be edited on the phone using People and synced with Google Contacts. Another way to figure out which account a contact is saved in is to look at the upper right hand corner of the entry under People. It will say either Google or Phone.

HTC Sync automatically syncs contacts data with the Google account.

I still lose all my speed dials after a CL/DJO sync. I am wondering if it's because speed dial data is proprietary to the phone and has no equivalent in DJO or Outlook. So during the sync process it's just cleared. The only way I can keep the speed dials are to not allow CL/DJO to sync to the native Android contacts.