View Full Version : Importing Calendar from DejaOffice CRM Live to android phone.

08-03-2014, 04:47 AM

I ve been using dejaoffice calendar on my phone for past few yrs and I am very pleased with it. I am using it for work and I dont even use outlook or my phone calendar app.

Unfortunately, I had accidently erased all calendar records from my android deja office. The only back up calendar I have is in Dejaoffice CRM Live.

How do i import the calendar from Dejaoffice CRM live to my android phone?

Your advice is greatly appreciated! thx

08-04-2014, 07:00 AM
red9733 welcome to the forum.

In DejaOffice Settings, Sync Settings, click on DejaCloud options. There's a checkbox for "Reread Cloud Data". Click on that. It should restore from the Cloud.

If this does not work, or if you find the data is not where you think, please contact us. Cloud data is recoverable by our team. Contact support@dejaoffice.com (email) or call CompanionLink Support at (503)243-5200 hours 7am-4pm Pacific Time on weekdays.