View Full Version : How to disable Skype auto-links?

08-22-2014, 09:56 AM
I use DejaOffice on Nexus 7 (2nd version).
I recently installed Skype on the unit.
Code and ID numbers in my memo and contact lists are being auto-linked as Skype phone numbers (the code or ID turns blue and is underlined. When I touch the text to copy it for use elsewhere, the computer/tablet pops over into Skype and shows me a phone screen.
I cannot find any place in Deja or in Skype to disable this behavior.

device and OS: Nexus 7 (#2) and Android 4.4.4
DejaOffice version: 3.1.2 (640)
CompanionLink build: 6014
PC desktop program: Outlook 2013 version 14.0.4631.1004
Sync method: click CompanionLink on PC, press SYNC on Nexus 7, Direct USB mode
Sync settings: sync both ways, contacts/calendar/notes (only one account, mine)

08-24-2014, 02:18 PM
Hi Lyndia,

Welcome to the forums! I recommend first disabling Skype from synchronizing your contacts. This can be done in Android Settings > Accounts > Skype > disable "sync contacts." If the problem persists, it would be helpful to know whether the affected fields were created in Outlook, DejaOffice, or the Android contacts. If the links were created in Android contacts, you would be able to perform a wipe and reload synchronization to rid DejaOffice of the problematic entries. If you have any trouble with this, I recommend reaching out to technical support at 503.243.5200.

08-25-2014, 06:36 PM
Thanks DejaKevin,
I set Skype Contacts setting to "sync is OFF" as soon as Skype was installed.

Most of my contacts were created on my Palm Tungsten over the past decade or more. I have modified these and added a few the past 1.5 years while I have worked through the painful transition from my all-in-one Palm system to a Nexus 7 and the Palm-like imitation that Outlook 2013 / DejaOffice / CompanionLink try to provide.

The Android versions of those programs being so very much less capable, I have not created anything from within the Android calendar or contact programs. Don't even know if they have a notes/memo imitation. Browsing through the contacts on the Nexus, I see the blue hyperlinks on all of the entries, old ones from my Palm, newer ones from both Outlook and Deja.

I will see about finding a time to call the tech support number. Appreciate the recommendation.