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08-22-2010, 09:37 AM
Just downloaded and started using DejaOffice and must say it's impressive. Finally a SERIOUS business application for android. Thank you.

As I'm updating and entering contacts it would be great if there were:

boilerplate entries - enabling me to enter the same city or state without having to type it over and over
online search- to enter address and phone number information automatically
maps-interfacing with google maps for driving directions
sdcard access while charging-as I often have my phone plugged into usb charging while working
merge-for duplicate contacts
preferences-boilerplate entries like (222) 222-2222 so all the numbers entered follow that style
Look forward to using your product for years to come.

08-22-2010, 02:54 PM
Great suggestions. I've added this to our suggestions

Maps interface should be done shortly.

Wi-Fi sync will soon supersede USB sync, which resolves the charge issue.