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11-28-2014, 12:36 AM
I have used DejaOffice for a while now and have never seen this issue. I sync Microsoft Outlook to Deja Office. Somehow, when I access contacts through my messenger (HTC One_M8 T3 on T-Mobile's network) about half the contacts are incorrect. For instance John Doe is selected but it shows up as Candy Lane with her email an John Doe's telephone and other data. I ran into this on my last HTC One_M8 and my new one.

It is most noticeable in messaging and WeChat. It is making messaging almost unusable. Is there a fix?


Bill Townsend

11-28-2014, 09:40 AM
btownsend, welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have your Android Contacts from one list, and your DejaContacts from another. Let's get them synced.

What i would suggest is doing a Wipe from the PC. This will delete all your onboard contact list, and set them from the PC. See if this clears the issue.

11-28-2014, 10:00 AM
All my contacts are in Microsoft Outlook.

I deleted them from the PC as you suggested. Deleted from the phone too.

Then I reinstalled in PC, synced via Companion Link, and still have the problem. The contacts are only messed up in Deja Office, not in Outlook. Mostly it is names, phone and email that is all wacked out.

12-01-2014, 03:45 AM
For added information, it appears that now the issue is centered around HTC's messenger and my email client, MailDroid, reading from the DejaOffice contacts. Somehow these apps are not reading correctly or DO is not providing the correct information.

12-01-2014, 03:46 AM
How exactly do you "doing a Wipe from the PC?"

12-03-2014, 10:04 AM
btownsend, If you like you can always get technical support from CompanionLink (503)243-5200 hours 7-4 Pacific Time on weekdays.

Wipe from the PC: In CompanionLink on the PC, look at the top of the main window for "Options". Select "Wipe from PC on next sync". This will clear the phone and reset from the PC.

I'm confused whether DejaContacts is correct, or not. Can you clarify? >> Mostly it is names, phone and email that is all wacked out.

I think you are referring to the DejaOffice Account in the native Android Contact App. This is only an account, not DejaOffice. DejaOffice is what you see when you click the DejaOffice App.

If the DejaOffice Account in native Android is messed up, a Wipe will clear and reset it.