View Full Version : Feature-Request: category-based sync

02-06-2015, 08:06 AM
I need to sync my phone with three different computers (1 private and two different companies), each one using outlook.
I dont want any of these companies to see my private contacts or the ones of the other company.
Thus I need a possibility to only sync entries (contacts, calendar, tasks,...) of selected categories.

02-09-2015, 09:46 AM
Right now there isn't an easy way to do this.

The "hard way" is to use CompanionLink Professional, and set up each computer to a "Special category". I'd suggest synchronizing to DejaCloud, because you can log in online to check that things are going to the right place.

So for 1 computer, that's the master. For the other two, set up only a Special category (no sync for Primary) that goes to a specific Category.

The problem here is that just one mistake means the whole contact list will be loaded locally.

I hope to add multiple "user" accounts within 2015. So this would have you set up multiple DejaCloud accounts, each one being discrete to itself. Then on the device, it will log in multiple times, to access the different accounts. In this case, category will not be important but "user" will supersede it. So each separate sync account will be handled as a discrete database. This is for people who want to see 5 people's calendars on their device.