View Full Version : templates list : alphanumeric order in "select a template"

06-10-2015, 06:46 PM
Hi! When I create a template for DejaCalendar from the home page, the new template will be placed in the letter or number order (alphanumeric order). Example : if I already have templates "aaa" and "fff", adding a new template "bbb" will be seen between "aaa" and "fff" in logical order. BUT when I am in DejaCalendar and want to put a template entry at a specific date and hour : a window named SELECT A TEMPLATE will prompt but the templates names are placed in date of creation order : "aaa" then "fff" then "bbb" at the lower end. I have many templates and it will be faster to reach a specific template without having to read each one of them if they were synchronized in alphanumeric order in the SELECT A TEMPLATE window, as the templates creation module. Try it yourself, you will see what I mean. I am on Android DejaOffice 3.2.11. Thank you for always improving your great software.