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06-12-2015, 06:57 AM

unfortunately I did not get any response on my support ticket [#LBO-936-74783] till now. So I post my message here for other users to check, wheter they can reproduce the bug:


I've set a recurring task for a bithday (not to forget to buy a present) like this in Outlook:

Start 2015-06-10
Due 2015-07-10
Alarm 2015-06-10, 17:00

To make it a recurring task, I click on "Series pattern" (in German "Serientyp") and choose "Every year". Outlook suggests then itself "each 10. June" (what for it not mentioned).

When syncing this task to DO I get a task with start AND due date 2015-06-10!!!

I tried to get the right dates in DO, and changed manually in Outlook the series pattern to "each 10. July". Then Outlook changes start to 2015-07-10 and due date to 2015-08-10. I changed both back to 2015-06-10 and 2015-07-10. A sync brings in DO the incorrect task with start/due 2015-06-10.

BUT, when I set up such a task in DO (start 2015-06-10, due 2015-07-10, recurring each year by date, I get a task in outlook with
start 2015-06-10
due 2015-07-10
series yearly "each 10. June" ?!?!

But why??? Does Outlook suggest a wrong setting? Seems to be a bug in DO / CL, isn't it?

(BTW, such a task created in Outlook is not listed in the task-app after sync, but can be found via search; I have to reboot my phone to get the new recurring task listed.)

I've found out, that the task is listed, when no alarm is set. When I sync without an alarm, it is in DO. When I set an alarm afterwards in Outlook, the task disappears in DO after sync ...!

It can be found via search.

It seems, that setting the alarm to the start date causes the problem of ignoring outlook's due date, too. Setting the alarm date not to the start date, but the day after, than start and due dates are correct in DO and the task is listed, too.

Strange, isn't it? Please fix it ASAP!



06-12-2015, 04:29 PM

Thanks for the feedback here. We will look into the issue. I've also replied to your support ticket for additional information.

06-12-2015, 11:30 PM

couldn't you reproduce the behavior, because you asked me for logs?

(I'm not in the office for some days and therefore I can't sync.)


06-15-2015, 10:02 AM
I did another test with a recurring task and now I got wrong alarm dates (different in Outlook and DO).

Anybody here who can confirm such problems?


06-16-2015, 11:59 AM

We have not been able to reproduce this specific issue as of yet, but the logs of the issue are currently with our developers for review. I expect to hear back on this issue soon.

06-17-2015, 03:19 AM

please let them have a look at the differing counters for appointments, too.



06-17-2015, 08:33 AM

This issue has been submitted to our developers as well.