View Full Version : DJO contacts and WhatsApp

02-21-2016, 01:05 AM

My DJO contacts are set to sync with the Android contacts app but only to the Dejaoffice group, so no contacts in the "phone" or "device" group (to avoid the bother of duplicate, triplicate and other multiple occurrences).
As I understand it, WhatsApp looks for contacts in the device or phone group when one refreshes the contacts but not anywhere else.

Any idea on how to get a connection between DJO and WA?

PS: It now seems to work after the following steps: what I had on my list of WA contacts were 2 entries for the same mobile number (same person) but one entry had the name and the other one only 3 question marks. I tried to get rid of the one with the question marks - impossible. I found some info on an other Forum recommending (in such cases) to remove the mobile number to "Notes", check that the entry in the Android DejaOffice group is updated to show the number in Notes, refresh the WA contact list, check that the entry no longer appears at all in WA, go back to DJO contacts, put the mobile number back into the correct field, and refresh the WA contact list again. The correct entry should now appear in WA. This worked for me in any case.
Just thought it may be helpful to others.