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02-28-2016, 07:27 AM
I received the renewal notice for CL and it states I have 4 devices. Where on the site can I see what these devices are? I would like to modify that as I only have one smartphone syncing with one outlook file.


02-28-2016, 11:26 AM
Bmac, I'll look up specifics and send you and email.

If you changed phones, your old and new phone are a "device". Old phones drop off after six months.

If you "wiped" then that is the same as changing phones.

DejaCloud on the web is a "device"

Each PC is a Device, and each phone is a device.

As far as the subscriptions go, I will be changing that in 2016 to clarify. Even though our report shows "4 devices" if you are using a PC and Phone (2 active devices) then that is 2, not 4 for subscription purposes.

I'm looking at two things in 2016. One is automating the subscription process, i.e. tightening the link between subscriptions and payments. We have about $300k in deferred revenue in unpaid subscriptions and my goal is to roll that off over the next three years.

My other goal is to lower the price for common customers; lower datasets and fewer devices. So people with 2-3 devices and less than 15000 records should see their pricing go DOWN by about half.

We have a relatively few customers who use the system much more; 80000 records and/or more than 15 devices. These customers will see their pricing go up in line with their system usage.

I hope this information helps.

02-29-2016, 07:57 AM
Thanks CTO,

I assume I would qualify as a small customer with 402 contacts, 393 calendar items, 309 tasks and 244 memos.

I do use 2 PCs (desktop & laptop) syncing to one Outlook file, so that + the phone would equal 3 devices. I am comfortable with DejaCloud but at the same time would like to avoid a large storage charge.

I think there is confusion at your end about my account as I have been using DJO since 2010 but under a different email address. I'll clarify when I receive your email.