View Full Version : Some possible improvements

09-06-2010, 06:27 PM
Thanks for the great app!

I guess, following features will be nice:
1. Recurring tasks (I see, there is a separate topic about it).
2. In DejaToday show separately tasks for today and tasks with no due date (or at least make them look different e.g. add date to todays tasks pretty much like it is done to overdue tasks). Otherwise large amounts of no due date tasks combined with no filtering make DejaToday completely unusable for me. As for me, I prefer tasks with no due date to be even below the calendar, but it is better to make it customizeable.
3. Either Show tomorrow in tasks or something like DejaTomorrow. Sometimes it is handy to review your tomorrow plans in the evening. Showing entire next week is too messy for that purpose.
4. Task start date.
5. Need better support for multiple categories for one task. For example, I have a category c1 and no task belongs to that category only. Some tasks belong to c1 and c2, some tasks belong to c1 and c3, etc. In that case I cannot filter out all the tasks of c1 in DejaTasks. It is just not shown in categories list. Instead I have to go filtering one by one c1, c2, c1, c3 etc. This can be annoying.
However, if I just add some stub task on category c1, it appears in the filtering list and tasks can be filtered properly, including mixed category tasks.
6. As I see, if the category exists, but no task belongs to it, it is not shown in categories list. Was it done intentionally? As a result, if I plan to define a task in that category, I should recreate the category beforehand.

Looking forward to see subsequent versions. Future feature list looks promising!