View Full Version : Sync with 2 devices / 2 "envirmonments"?

01-29-2017, 06:30 AM

i need an hint: How to set up CompanionLink V7 / Deja Office to sync items the way i want (see picture below)?

On the on hand i have 2 computers in Home Office, sharing same outlook.pst file stored on network server (Outloos is to be closed on Computer 1 when is `s in use with Computer 2, but that 's ok for me, i dont use two computers at same time in HomeOffice). I want to sync Galaxy Note 4 and Tab 6 with private and business items like calendar, tasts, contacts and notes. On the other hand i have a business computer (Exchange, just one computer in use with my account), and i want to sync only Galaxy Tab 6 with business items without "touching" private items. That means, i want to have both private and business items on Tab 6, my business computer contains just business items.

Whatever i do, sync to one device (Note 4) works well with desktop computer. When switching to notebook, Note 4 starts to duplicate all items to my Outlok, my Deja-Database on Andriod is still ok. Of course outlook.pst is same on both HomeOffice computers, but i 'd like to work either with desktop or notebook, so imo sync should work on both computers - but it doesn 't ... This also happens, as soon as Tab 6 is synced to either desktop or Notebook - just big mess ... What to do to make things work? Or is CompanionLink unable to handle this scenario?


02-01-2017, 09:36 AM

We do believe it is possible for you to achieve this kind of sync successfully using the method from the guide below:

https://www.companionlink.com/support/kb/How_to_create_Personal_and_Shared_Calendars_using_ Outlook_and_CompanionLink

We do recommend having both starts start off with the clean data on either side to start with in this scenario.