View Full Version : Ringtones not syncing with Outlook

02-06-2017, 09:02 AM
It appears that any ringtones I put on individual contacts do not sync with Outlook. They work fine after I set them on the Galaxy S7 but after syncing several times and after wiping contacts before reloading them, the ringtones are lost. Is there any way to retain the ringtones? I have been having to wipe contacts due to duplicates continuing to show up and it looks like there may be one contact for each category in Deja Contacts when both categories are on the one contact record in Outlook.

02-08-2017, 08:49 AM
kjwhitehead, welcome to the forum.

Ringtones are held only on the phone. So if you create a ringtone in DejaOffice, but later the record gets rewritten from Outlook, then the ringtone will be lost.

In DejaOffice, if you use the Sort By Category, or Group By category, then a contact that has two categories will show twice. This isn't a duplicate. We worked very hard to make it work this way.

I don't like Wipe, and I wish it weren't there. Please don't use it. It's not a good method of data management. A better method is to identify the cause of an issue, and resolve the exact cause. In light of this, let's work on any duplicate issues. That seems important. If you want direct help on this email support@dejaoffice.com and Chris will help you out.