View Full Version : The contacts information in the Dejaoffice page is different that my dejaoffice app

02-06-2017, 12:25 PM
Dear all,

When I check the contact information in my dejaoffice page I have many informations that I am not have in my app (into my Samsung Note 5). I have contacts in the dejaoffice page that I donīt have in my dejaoffice app (in my phone).

What Can I do?

Many thanks,

Chris L
02-06-2017, 01:51 PM
Hello elpekin,

Welcome to the forums. It sounds like you have data in your DejaCloud account that has not yet synced to your device. Please perform the steps below.

1. Open DejaOffice and go to Settings > Sync Settings > DejaCloud Settings
2. Check the Reread Cloud box
3. Return to the main DejaOffice screen and tap the Sync button

Once complete, check for your contacts in DejaContacts.