View Full Version : In Tasks, combine Due Date checkbox and Due Date date

09-10-2010, 06:24 AM
(yes, this is another "here's what it was like on my Palm" request. I used Palm devices for almost 15 years and was very used to their PIM apps. DJO is different in many ways, and although I like it, there are things that make me stop and go "huh - that's different". Some of those are just because I'm set in my Palm ways, and I'm trying to adjust to those, but some are truly ways in which Palm was better.

Now that I've been using DJO for a month or so, I'm getting an understanding of which are which, and I'm trying to submit feature requests for those that I think are truly better "the Palm way")

On the Palm Task entry screen, there's a single field for Due Date. Its default value is "None", but clicking it lets you select a date (or select None if you've already got a date selected). This reduces the screen space take up from 2 lines (one for checkbox, one for date field) to 1, which makes room for more fields to be visible on one screen.

Sjaak Hendriks
02-06-2011, 01:48 AM
Rob, fully agree! Thanks for the recommendation.