View Full Version : Task Alarm - date as "N days before"

09-10-2010, 06:35 AM
When I create a calendar event, the Alarm field is a combo box that lets me pick from a discrete number of choices (5 minutes before, 1 day before, 1 week before, etc). That makes setting an alarm very efficient.

When I create a task with a due date, the Alarm field is two fields, date and time. I've already talked about the Time picker in another request, and in that I also proposed a calendar-based date picker. But in the case of a Task Alarm, that's not necessarily the right widget.

In most cases, when I'm creating a task, I want to set an alarm for a certain number of days before the task is due, not for a specific date. That will become particularly useful if (when?) DJO implements repeating tasks, because setting a specific date makes no sense for a repeating task.

So I'd like to see one of the following:

a combo box with choices for 1 day through 7 days, 1 week through 4 weeks, and 1 month
a text entry field where I can put a number, and (next to it) a combo box containing "Days", "Weeks", and "Months"

02-04-2011, 08:27 AM
You forgot hours (or even minutes?) for a task that is something you want/ have to do the same day and just want to set a quick reminder (i.e. calling a customer in X minutes/ hours)