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04-20-2017, 01:16 PM
I have a recurring appointment at 9am every Thursday. The office changed one of them from 9am to 2pm for only one instance, 2 weeks from now. When I open the event and choose only that one occurrence, it accepts the appointment change, I save it. However, when I sync my laptop to my devices it resets the appointment to 9 am on my laptop and then onto my devices. What am I doing wrong? Using Outlook program on my laptop, Galaxy Tab S3 and Zenphone 3.
Deja Settings are: Everything is set to Sync both ways but Outlook is the Primary Database.

I'm missing something.

04-20-2017, 02:32 PM
SharonB, Welcome to the forums.

Check on the Galaxy Tab and Zenphone to see if they are set to Native Calendar, and if the Native Calendar syncs to Google. If you don't need google update, the turn off sync to Native Calendar. Google handles recurring exceptions differently, and can get this sort of reversal.

Once this is done, change the appointment again in Outlook. It should "stick" this time.

04-21-2017, 09:23 AM
SharonB - A member of my team mentions that you should update to the latest CompanionLink build on your PC. This may be a factor also.

04-21-2017, 12:03 PM
Thank you for the suggestions. I'm a customer from way back but had let it lapse and just repurchased a 2 year plan. It says version (Build 7024). That one okay?

I remember when I got both new devices within a week or 2 of each other that the Tablet had me sign into my Google account as part of the setup process... the Zenphone kind of left me hanging without even a texting or email app. I checked the tablet and (finally) found a setting in the Google Apps folder for the Google calendar app itself and de-selected the google account (which I have but never use) and I think we've got it!! The 2pm appt seems to be holding!