View Full Version : How do I move a google calendar entry into DEJA Office?

08-04-2017, 10:57 AM
I am using Companionlink for OUTLOOK build 6052. I am using a Galaxy NOTE 3.

I even thought about a long way around like accepting a calendar entry from google, moving it to my default android calendar and then clicking on 'sync with Android calendar app' but that didnt seem to work... maybe not because of a design issue but a operator error issue.

Either way I was hoping there was an easier way.

08-06-2017, 11:49 AM
Durville, if you are using DejaCloud Sync, you can link your Google Account automatically.

Log into https://crm.dejaoffice.com with our DejaCloud credentials. Then click on the lowest left icon (Settings), and select Connector Settings. Set up a Connector to your Google Account. This will automatically connect Google to your DejaCloud.

If you are using USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync you can use DejaOffice to sync with the Google Account on your phone. In DejaOffice, select Sync Settings, and then Calendar Settings. On the list box, it will show all the calendars available on your phone. Select your Google Calendar, rather than the default (DejaOffice Calendar). This will automatically collect from the Google Calendar on your phone whenever you sync.

I suggest for further info please contact CompanionLink Technical Support https://www.companionlink.com/support.