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09-11-2017, 02:55 PM
Two issues:
I updated some information (added someone's home address in addition to their work address) in Outlook on my computer and did a sync. The home address is still not in DJO on my Android phone (LG G6).
A second problem is that when try to add an address in DJO a location search comes up. IF the address can be found it includes "United States" and a map; both of which are unnecessary and unwanted.
Any ideas?

09-12-2017, 06:41 AM
fishcad welcome to the forum

As for 2) Go to Settings, General Settings, Location Picker and set that to Manual. This puts a button.

The Location picker sends your phone's regional settings to Google. So make sure your phone region is correct for you. It doesn't put "United States" on mine, but it makes me think that it's sensing you are out of the US so applying a country because it is different than your region country.

So for 1) Should have worked. Both home and work are mapped from PC to DejaOffice. Try a reread from the PC. We support 7 different sync methods from Outlook to DejaOffice so we'd have to figure out which one you are using and whether there is an issue there. For DejaCloud Sync (recommended) you can check to see if the data got to DejaCloud by logging into https://crm.dejaoffice.com. Other sync methods are USB, ADB Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, via Outlook, via Google.