View Full Version : Tasks Widget/Show Active Tasks includes tasks with no dates

10-07-2017, 04:16 PM

I am enjoying the Task Widget for my Galaxy S6 Android phone (Android version 7.0), but I'm having trouble filter the tasks it shows. I would like to be able to only show tasks with some date or other. I would expect that filter setting to be Show Active. However, I find that tasks I have created to which I have assigned no date show up. What is the magic formula of settings to do this? Here's my dream layout:

- Grouped by Category
- Sorted by Due Date, Start Date, or Priority
- Shows only items with a date associated with it
- May or may not show Overdue items

Here are my settings right now:
- Show Overdue
- Group By Category
- Sort Order Ascending
- Show Active

Any ideas?



10-08-2017, 10:52 AM
copperberry, welcome to the forums.

The problem appears to be this:
> - Shows only items with a date associated with it

Our customer base would never allow us NOT to show a task. There is a setting to control whether undated tasks are shown as "Due today" or "Due in the future", which impacts the appearance. Try setting this and see what you can get.

Do you have a list on a PC App? If you can name a PC app that allows an undated task not to show at all on the list, then I'll look at a way to emulate that. That's how we got "Show Active" because that is a thing in Outlook.