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Stu McDonut
11-30-2017, 08:52 AM
I am upgrading to a new phone (Samsung 4 mini to Samsung 7) and would like to continue using DejaOffice to sync my phone calendar and contacts to Outlook on my PC.

The version of DejaOffice I have on my 4 mini is 2.5.9 (538) from 2/4/14

The version of CompanionLink I have on my computer is version

The version of Outlook I have on my PC is 2007.

When I received my new phone I'm assuming I'll have to download the latest version of DejaOffice from the Google Play store. I see that it is version 4.3.6 from 7/24/17.

Here are my questions:

Can I continue to use version 2.5.9 on my new phone (if it's even possible to put it on?). Seems to work for me and/with my PC and Outlook.

If I have to use the latest version of DejaOffice (4.3.6) will there be problems with it and my version of CompanionLink communicating?

How will I upload my DejaOffice items from Outlook to my new phone via CompanionLink? I've only downloaded/synched to outlook and I've never uploaded to a "blank" device (new phone).

Appreciate any guidance you can give before I tackle this.


** Stu **

Chris L
11-30-2017, 11:18 AM
Hello Stu,

Thank you for contacting DejaOffice. I would advise using the current build of DejaOffice as there have been several improvements since build 2.5.9. There would be no compatibility issues with your version of CompanionLink in this scenario. To send the PC data to your phone, configure your new phone to sync with CompanionLink and perform a reread of Outlook per the link below. I have also included a link to our setup guides in case you are not sure how to configure your sync.