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01-10-2018, 09:36 PM
Yes I am desperately clinging to PD 4.1.4. I'm asking for help here because I know some of my old Brighthand peeps lurk these Boards.

I hadn't Purged Completed To-Dos for a while, and just did. I had ticked the "archive deleted items on next sync"...

I THOUGHT I remembered, back in the day, there would be archived data files for each Category (e.g., "Personal.tda", "Business.tda").

So, um. Where exactly did the completed tasks go? It dawned on me that when PDesktop says "next sync" it's expecting a HotSync, not a DJO/CL sync. (So maybe this IS the appropriate forum after all).

So. Yeah. Um. Where they at?


01-11-2018, 07:03 AM

I thought of you yesterday. We send marketing emails out to past customers, and I saw your email go by...

It definitely means next hotsync, which means no record have been archived in over a decade. I think they are actually just in the data file with an "Archive" flag set. So if you actually saw the guts of your Palm data file you would see all your past tasks just listed waiting plaintively to get archived.

01-30-2018, 09:04 PM
That's disappointing.... I question if it's in the Palm file, because it DOES get purged from the Desktop file. So something is happening that is telling PD "It's OK to strike these records", but then since it doesn't have anything to do with them - like a guy at a cocktail party wandering with a shrimp tail in his hand - it either gets stuffed in his pocket (the archive) or behind a couch (which, like this dilemma, kinda stinks).

I have archived the Palm data files for about three years, so I COULD pull some out if I had to, but that means everything between 2011 and 2015 or so is likely lost....