View Full Version : WhatsApp is not showing the names of my contacts.

02-21-2018, 04:20 AM
WhatsApp is just showing the telephone number but no names.

Chris L
02-21-2018, 07:31 AM
Hello Juergen,

Welcome to the forums. I installed Whatsapp and it is working properly for me. This is most likely a Whatsapp issue rather than a DejaOffice issue. Whatsapp support suggests the steps below.

If your contacts' numbers are shown instead of their names, you may need to reset the WhatsApp sync with your contacts. Here is how:

Open your phone's Settings app > Accounts > WhatsApp.
In the new screen, tap WhatsApp again > Menu Button > Remove account.
Open WhatsApp > Contacts > Menu Button > Refresh.
If the above steps do not work, it is possible that your phone's settings may be preventing WhatsApp from functioning properly. Please try the following:

Open your phone's Settings app > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions and make sure all permissions are turned on.
If the steps above still cannot fix the issue you are experiencing, please contact your device manufacturer for more information regarding security permissions on your phone.