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08-27-2018, 03:49 PM
A new product:

We have been proud to pioneer the mobile CRM space with DejaOffice for Android and DejaOffice for iPhone. We think it compares very favorably with the Outlook App, and provides better CRM capability than any other mobile platform. Most important, we provide sync to the leading PC databases like Outlook, Act!, Palm Desktop, and GoldMine.

What holds us back from making DejaOffice Mobile CRM a better CRM, is that it is closely tied to PC Outlook which is not a CRM. In Outlook, the Calendar and Task lists are disconnected from the Contact and Email lists. In Outlook, when you look at a contact, you canít see any of the history for that contact. There is no opportunity management.

We have decided to make a new Add-In for Outlook. The purpose is to add the additional views needed to make Outlook into a better CRM tool. Doing this will allow us to add fields and capabilities to our DejaOffice Mobile apps. We also want to maintain a secure PC based tool, that is lighting fast on the desktop and resistant to database import scanning by Cloud service providers.


12-19-2018, 06:03 AM
Hello DJO Team,

and welcome to the Beta Version of DJO PC CRM.
Just installed it and looking forward to using it.
Not operational yet, but I'm sure it will be in no time.
Thanks for the good work!

Is this where we will be reporting our experience with the beta version and glitches/bugs and making suggestions for improvements?

Thanks for your help and and again, keep up the good work !

12-19-2018, 07:28 AM
Oyle, I'm heartbroken! Not operational yet. Sigh.

We'll give you a call this morning to see what happened. Please be sure you downloaded a fresh CompanionLink off the Beta link, as nearly all the sync functions got updated for DPC.

The answer to your question is: Call (503)243-5200 for tech support, (503)243-3400 for sales and information, email support@dejaoffice.com.


12-19-2018, 03:48 PM
All's well and operational thanks to the good offices of Thomas who called and we were able to get it all sorted out. Actually mainly my mistake, as I entered a wrong password, but the system did not object... Just didnt sync, naturally.
I am impressed by the performance. Still some features to fine-tune and some to add, but its already in very good shape. Many thanks to all

01-09-2019, 05:24 PM
I just signed up to be a beta tester. I came on the community boards because I'm sick and tired of downloading my Access info to Outlook in order to import to my Deja Office on my Android phone in a one-way process. Because it's so time consuming, I've been doing it only every six months or so, and now my contacts are wildly out of date. I'm so hoping that I can use this tool to SYNC. It would be best if I can sync between my Access database (which I keep updated all the time) and Deja Office for Windows, and then SYNC between Deja Office for Windows and Deja Office on my phone. Do you know if that would be possible?

If not, do you have any solutions for me to sync between my Access Database of contacts on my PC and my Deja Office contacts on my phone? I already sync my Outlook calendar to Deja Office on my phone (which works flawlessly - Companionlink is such a wonderful product!). But contacts are still a problem because I have all my contact info (over 100 fields - way too many for a phone contact list) in a self-developed Access database. I choose select fields to download to Outlook, and then import Outlook to Deja Contacts. I would love to find a better way.

CJ Rhoads

01-10-2019, 09:57 AM

Thank you for your question, I have sent you an email via our ticketing system, please reply there with any further questions\comments.

01-10-2019, 01:18 PM
It would be best if I can sync between my Access database (which I keep updated all the time) and Deja Office for Windows, and then SYNC between Deja Office for Windows and Deja Office on my phone. Do you know if that would be possible?

cjrhoads, Are you using Access because it hooks to something else?

The database format for DPC is SQLite. You can access it directly using any SQLite browser like https://sqlitebrowser.org/

Our roadmap is to have a "native" csv import for Outlook fields only. That is, if a CSV uses Outlooks field names, then there's no need to use Outlook, DPC will import directly.

Alternately you can get an ODBC driver for SQlite, and then use Access directly on the file: A google search says to try one of these for SQLite support in Access


See if that suggests anything to you...