View Full Version : Updated CLPro and DJO iPad can't sync now

Jim Brown
09-22-2010, 06:25 AM
I updated CLPro on Win7 and DJO on iPad... now I can't get past the "Connecting..." screen. No other changes. It seems to be an iPad issue. I can cancel the process on CLPro side... but the DJO iPad side seems to be hung at some place. The syncing process doesn't get to a place where Outlook opens on puter side.... makes me think that is is DJO's opening, reading of built-in data before syncing with Outlook.

BTW, Android USB sync is still working as it should.


UPDATE: Odd... after turning on Logging it seems to sync... although it still seems to struggling. It seems to be getting bogged down in the initial syncing between DJO and built-in apps databases.