View Full Version : Duplicate notes created when entering notes in iPad

10-07-2010, 02:43 AM
MY SETUP... Windows XP Home, iPad wi-fi sync with ACT 2007

When I attempt to sync notes from the iPad back to ACT (after setting the sync to both ways), a problem occurs in the notes....

As soon as you add a note using the iPad, then sync back to ACT, the process creates a single note entry within ACT, but does not limit the content of the note to just the notes that were added on the iPad.... it grabs a copy off ALL the notes that exist and places them within the notes (main body text) of the note field.... thus creating one enormous note entry, with various dates/time/note entries all listed without spaces or punctuation.

When you have notes going back several years for some clients, this is not good.

Worst of all, when you sync next time, this ENORMOUS note field is then sync-ed back to the iPad, thus creating another duplicate off ALL the notes on the iPad.

In summary, it makes using the iPad on site/in the field a non-sense, as the information gets progressively worse and duplicated.... this becomes a deal-breaker for using the software to keep records up date when away from the office.

Any help or guidance would be useful.