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05-25-2010, 06:06 AM
I am having difficulty synching since the 5/20 release. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am using a Motorola Droid and synching it to outlook on XP and Outlook 2003. The first indication that not everything is right is that it takes a long, long time to do the initial read of the contacts. Next the PC is not recogizing the Droid as a drive when connected by USB. I am using the 14 day eval copy of CompanionLink Express.

05-25-2010, 06:31 AM
Quiz, is it possible to get in touch with you to get a log?

We plan on doing a new update today (5/25) in order to address a couple issues we've identified with the "sync through" system. That's really the only modification I can think of. Your description makes me think there is a significant factor happening here.

If you can, email me directly at wayland@companionlink.com, and I'll put you with a tech to help you get a log file. I'd like to be sure everything is smooth out with our release today.


05-26-2010, 08:12 PM
After I upgraded this last time, this happened to me too. It had happened once before, though I can't remember which thread I reported it in. The earlier time it got into a loop requiring me to remove the battery to get the phone to stop and to boot it. This time, it took a long, long time to synch contacts - so long that I left it on my desk and did other stuff. When I returned, my phone was dead and would not come up no matter what I did, including plugging a purely recharging line into it. I had to remove the battery, wait 30 seconds or so, then reassemble the phone and reboot. It seemed OK except that some dates did not come over. I remounted the phone to my PC for different reasons and while it was mounted, tried checking DejaCalendar and got the following message: "Sorry! The application DejaOffice (process com.companionlink.clusbsync) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close." After forcing a close, pressing any DejaOffice apps gives me a message that the app is not available until it finishes processing; this is about two hours after I synced it with Outlook. I don't see any messages about processing # of # records either.

I'm open to suggestions.

Using an htc Droid Incredible on a Win 7 64 bit PC and the latest builds of your software.


Update - Program appeared to be cycling again, so I turned the phone off. This morning after I turned it back on, it started cycling again (updating records) but I ignored it. HTC calendar widget (android calendar) had all correct data, but several entries appeared two or three times while others did not. This appeared to apply only to entries new to the last sync, which I'd done several times. DejaCalendar and DejaToday appeared to be blank. Buy when I rechecked after an hour, DejaCalendar was populated with all correct information. Very confusing, at least to slow learners like me.

05-27-2010, 10:27 AM
Hello Peter! The first sync of contacts can take a very long time. We recommend limiting the number of contacts that you sync to your Incredibles native contacts to under 1,500 for this reason. As for seeing multiple calendar entries, are you seeing multiples in the native calendar app as well? What about in the DejaOffice calendar? Im wondering if the widget is displaying your calendar data correctly.

05-27-2010, 03:37 PM
It appears that it doubled on both of them. Given how long it takes to fully sync (I've a question about that in a minute), I'm pretty sure I went through the sync process a second time, probably before the calendar was fully synced. Would that lead it to add entries from both syncs rather than actually synching them?

As for the long time it takes, I noticed something and also have another question. When I first stated using CLUSBEx, after the message on the incredible told me to press OK after the PC was done, not too long afterwards the PC would say exactly that and everything proceeded smoothly. Now I do not get that message on the PC. I might have gotten it once a few weeks ago, but not since. I can wait for hours and it won't show up. If I check Task Manager, it will tell me that CompanionLink 32 is running, but no associated CPU activity. Eventually I just press OK on the incredible. I've also noticed that the phones drive seems to unmount and remount, but still no message from the PC telling me the sync is done. I finally will unmount the phone, but drive L: (the sd card) is usually already unmounted). Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Is it a glitch or somehow related to how long it takes?

My other question about how long it takes is a little unstructured. I have 625 contacts, well below the 1500 limit you note. Anyway, after unmounting the phone it will start syncing records, starting with 20/625. It will continue up to 625, then it seems to start over. Is this because I synched twice? To add an unpleasant twist, as I noted above, after deciding to just leave the phone alone and go away, when I returned 4 hours later it was dead. Not discharged dead, unresponsive dead (plugging in the charger had no effect). It only revived after I removed the battery, counted to 30 and put it back in. If you look at my earlier note, I also got a bunch of error messages requiring a forced stop.



05-28-2010, 11:08 AM
Peter, even when a sync is interrupted, DejaOffice keeps track of what it's added, so you shouldn't see duplicates when you sync the next time. You might want to try disabling your Incredible's sync to Google contacts and calendar for the time being, to see if it helps (in addition to disabling USB debugging as I mentioned in another thread). I've sent you an email regarding cleaning up the duplicates.