View Full Version : Crash on sync with Calendar

12-07-2010, 01:16 PM
2 days ago I installed DejaOffice on my iPod Touch 4 (updated to the latest iOS version). It runs ok but will not sync with the standard iPhone Calendar App. The "Synchronizing" message appears for about a minute and the app crashes. This happens every time.

I have attached the log produced:


Grateful for any help.

Regards, Mark

12-09-2010, 09:26 AM
I'm not certain how relevant this is, but my prior synchronization problem with alarms (resulting in DJO crashing; see 10/18/2010 post with “Decoupling” in title), was attributed by the Tech Support staff to my having recurring events and being linked with the native iPhone calendar, which controls the alarm function. (I had directly e-mailed the Tech Support staff, who were wonderful to work with, and we went back-and-forth a bit to deduce the problem.). Once I removed my recurring events, the synchronization worked fine and my alarms worked; per Tech Support, the soon-to-be-released DJO v 1.1.4 is supposed to allow recurring events and alarm functionality. (I’m currently using Outlook 2010, DJO v 1.1.3, and CompanionLink Express v 4.0, Build 4022).

As an aside, as it seems the DJO and iPhone native calendars need to be empty and linked before loading events from your computer, my current process to reload the calendars is, for what it’s worth, to:
1. Start with a clean iPhone calendar, unlinked to the DJO calendar (use the iTunes sync to delete the existing data on the iPhone by unselecting the calendar).
2. Link DJO with the iPhone calendar from within DJO (which ensures both calendars are empty).
3. Then perform a final synchronization between Outlook and DJO to load the data.