View Full Version : Wifi Sync is very slow with 17233 contacts

Ward Roef
06-06-2010, 11:47 AM
I have used iClink from the first day it was in the iTunes store and paid 60 Euro for it. I SOKAL did give you the 4 stars review. I have been using iClink up to last week. But I fount it to complicated to sync my calender everyday. I was doing a sync every month to have my new contacts with me. I was hoping that DejaOffice wifi sync would be very fast. But I started around 4 PM and it is now almost 8 PM and he is still not ready to sync the contacts ????
I have looked at my screen and I see that increasing the received contacts to 800. The Sent was 17188. But there were only 17233 contacts in Goldmine. So 45 new ones. I am going to end this before I have to wait another 4 hours.

Dejaoffice looks very promising for the future but you need to get the sync done in less then 10 minutes otherwise it is impossible o use it for everyday work.

I hope thet the iPhone OS 4.0 will help you to improve this. I also want the sync with the native calender for the push up warnings.

I hope you come sooon with a solution for the sync.

I pay a montly fee for the sync via your servers. Will that work faster and better?

Oeps it is good that I stoppen the sync because I have now 18188 contact on my iphone. The 800 are double contacts. Very bad. If I would not have stopped the sync I would have ended up with 34376 or 34466 contacts. The 800 that are already received are doubles.

06-07-2010, 01:09 PM
Hi Ward. When switching CompanionLink from a CompanionLink wireless to Wi-Fi sync (or back), make sure to run a purge and reload sync, otherwise you will see duplication. The CompanionLink wireless sync is faster than the Wi-Fi sync at this time.

06-07-2010, 09:32 PM
Ward, Welcome to the Forum!

Wi-Fi is brand new. We are definitely going to make the sync speed faster within the next month. But for now, you will do better with a smaller sync set. Just for the next month, can you set a filter or group to cut your sync set to about 5000 contacts. This will be pretty tolerable.

I'm very focused on making Wi-Fi about 10 times faster. I know exactly where the delays are. I'm ready to focus my developers there. It won't take long for us to fix this.

CompanionLink is totally committed to getting sync speeds in line with 20,000 Contact records. We've already mastered handling the list view, changing sorts and categories. Try it with the native iPhone Contacts list and you'll see the difference. We have a lot of code just in handling background tasks and display.

Just give us a bit of time for Wi-Fi and Wireless and I think you will be very pleased.