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01-10-2011, 10:47 AM
IPAD (Model MC497LL - Capacity 59.2GB / Available 38.7GN) Version 4.2.1 Wifi not enabled)
DejaOffice Version 1.1.4

I may be doing something wrong, but ...

Contact List
1. Ability to select letter of alphabet not available (to allow someone to jump to the "M's", for example). Seems to be the case for all font sizes.
2. Search of names causes application to crash. Not thoroughly tested, but may have something to do with trying to search for names beyond the last name in the list.
3. Search of names causes search line and Category line to be improperly rendered.

Not clear, but using DejaOffice seems to affect the IPad's contact application (cannot add a new contact to the IPad Contact List). Again, it's not clear that this is a DejaOffice problem, but it seems to appears when DejaOffice is "running" and then disappears if the app is closed.

Suggestion: Add Day of Week Name to Date Title (e.g., instead of Jan 10, 2011 have it read Mon Jan 10, 2011).

01-10-2011, 04:03 PM
For issue #1 - The feature is not in the main screen of the contacts app.
Try tapping the Deja Contacts button at the top of the screen and selecting the "Serach By Names" option. Enter the Alpha Character(s) you wish to search.
We will be improving a number of iPad UI features over the next several builds.

With regards the calender search suggestion. We are aware that this is a feature many of our customers would like. To do this requires developing a new date picker as the native iPhone Date picker does not integrate the day of the week.

01-13-2011, 08:53 AM
(Note: upgraded to V1.1.5)

After re-installing and rebooting twice ...

1. Issue #1. Just an FYI, The iTunes screenshot shows the alphabet going down the right hand side of the contact list.
2. Touching the DejaContacts button at the top of the screen does bring up the search screen (but verrrrrrry slow). When anything is typed into the search window, however, the app crashes.
3. The "DejaContacts/Settings" selection does not respond.
4. Cannot add new contacts.
5. Cannot search calendar entries, at least I could not find where I was allowed to search.
6. In Expenses, the dollar amount entered on the "Amount" screen (BTW -- Dollar amount screen rendering is terrible) is not brought back to the Expense Screen even though the Expense is, apparently, recorded.

Just as an aside, I'm sure the releases are tested before being sent into the public space, but too much stuff is being missed. You folks might want to revisit the testing methodology. Customers don't go away mad; they just go away.

01-13-2011, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the input on the 1.1.5 update.
#1 The screen shots in the iTunes Store are specific to iPhone and iPod Touch.
With the additional real estate on the iPad we made some changes to the DJO UI and inserted a preview screen.
There are known issues with the iPad UI that are scheduled to be fixed in future builds.
#2 I have reported this to the Dev Team.
#3 This is a known issue on iPad. You can select the Settings icon in the main DJO screen to access these functions.
#4 To add a new Contact on the iPad:
Select an existing contact on the left side of the screen. (Contact details should fill in the preview screen.)
Tap the + icon in the top right corner of the display. (Preview screen should then go blank.)
Tap a field you wish to fill in on the new record like first or last name.
Complete adding the contact details by selecting each field you wish to fill in.
Tap the Save button.
I find working in landscape mode is much easier than portrait.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
#5 Searching Calendar Entries:
There should be Day Week, month and Annual Calendar view icons at the bottom of the screen.
DJO does support searching Calendar entries yet.
#6 The Expense UI is not optimal right now, especially on iPad. I am pretty new to the DJO team and the first UI issue I found was the rendering of the dollar amount field you reported.
We are planning an entire rewrite of Expense and so at this time have deferred all UI issues for the Expense application.

Regarding your comments about our QA process.
We have have, and will continue to make product stability and performance the primary priorities in our development and testing process.
Since you seem to have some knowledge of traditional software development life cycles. I am sure you can appreciate this.
We hear you, we care, and we do have a solid methodology in place.
Thank you for your patience.