I'm using DejaOffice to sync Palm Desktop data to my Android. Sorry if this question has been addressed elsewhere but I've searched all the keywords I can think of and haven't found it.

On the Palm, I have always used the Calendar alarm function to generate my "to do" list. Whenever I have a meeting or a deadline, I put it in the calendar with an alarm that goes off to give me as much lead time as I need (so if I need to have a report ready to present at a meeting, I put the meeting date in my calendar with an alarm set to go off a week before). When I looked at my "alarms" on the handheld by clicking on the flashing alarm notification, it would give me a list of all the alarm items that had not yet been marked as completed.

With DejaOffice, I get two choices: snooze (which brings it back a couple of hours later) and dismiss (which erases it altogether). If I don't choose either option and try to close the alarm notification and leave it "active", it keeps popping up and basically won't let me access any DejaOffice data. What I want is a third option -- ignore? keep in list? -- that would allow me acknowledge the alarm, then ignore it unless I go to the notifications, see the list of alarms (which is effectively my tasks list), and then clear the ones I've finished.

The only way I've managed to find around this is to duplicate all the reminder information in my calendar on the tasks lists, which is awkward because on the Palm Desktop I have to reinput all the data (the meeting, the date/time, the note, the time for the alarm to go off). If there were an easy way to transfer alarmed calendar events to the tasks list that would solve the problem too.

I'm not sure if this is a feature request or a request for technical support -- I'll take either option.