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    Contact Sync


    I recently purchased and installed the CompanionLink/DejaOffice software and have been relatively happy with it. However, I just now noticed that when you add a contact to your Android native application, and then perform an Android sync to your native database, that it doesn't update the DejaOffice contacts database. In other words, it only works in the reverse (from DajaOffice to Android native).

    This poses a significant problem (at least for me) because a lot of other software programs designed to take advantage of your contacts database look only to the native client for contact information. Likewise, if someone calls you that is not in your native contact database and you attempt to add that caller as a contact, it adds the contact directly and only to the native database, not to mention that caller id only works off the native database.

    Please tell me that I am doing something wrong and that the software has the ability to do this. Is anyone else able to sync from android native contacts to DejaOffice?

    All my sync settings are correctly set and I have tried a variety of combination but I just can't seem to make this work.

    Thanks so much.
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    Hi George,

    I'm guessing that when you are adding contacts in the native Android database, you are adding it to a different account than what DejaOffice is configured to sync with. Most Android phones have several "accounts" that you can select a contact to be added to (Phone, SIM, Google, etc.). When you add a new contact in the native Android contacts app, it will let you pick which account to add it to. Then, in DejaOffice, make sure you have it set to sync with that specific account, and it should bring in any new contacts you add.

    Hope this helps!

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