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Thread: DejaOffice WiFi sync problems with Outlook and Fascinate

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    Thumbs down DejaOffice WiFi sync problems with Outlook and Fascinate

    After a couple of months of frustrating set up issues; I finally have the software set up to stop duplicating appointments, notes and contacts.

    Nonetheless, the WiFi Sync continues to be a challenge on daily basis:

    1. I have followed step-by-step the process to sync; but one day it syncs right away, then the following day it will not sync at all
    2. The IP Address hasnt changed in either the Droid or the Outlook settings
    3. After initiating the sync from the DejaOffice Software in the Droid, I start the sync from the software in the computer. The Droid will start syncing the Droid Software, but the computer never connects to finish a successful sync
    4. The DejaOffice computer software has a tendency of closing Outlook 2007 during the syncing process; this creates an error as the DejaOffice Sycn Software cannot find the source of information to sync correctly

    This software has been very counterproductive, as I spend too much time trying to make sure it works.
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