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Thread: Cannot get DO to to link with CL on my PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmckay View Post
    I am using CL 4.0 Build 4034 and DJO 1.10.9. It seems all of my BCM contacts load and only some of my personal contacts (the ones in the regular contacts folder in Outlook. I am using Outlook 2007.)

    Any ideas? I was running into the CLUSB error but I deleted the file on the SDCard and that cleared (Thanks!).

    Hi Kirk,

    Try this:
    1. Open CompanionLink Setup.
    2. Click on Outlook Settings and select the Outlook Folders Tab.
    3. For Contacts is the "Include Sub Folders" box checked?

    Based on what you are describing I think it needs to be for you to get all your Contacts to sync.

    Let me know if that helps.

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    thank you for continuing this thread. I have been using CL since December with no problem...until I upgraded last month to CompanionLink 4.0, build 4034. I sync over USB and ONLY outlook calendar (though 90 days worth). I got the "please update CL USB sync on your device" message when I tried to sync from my computer since initiating it from the phone just made it hang and hand. I installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled DJ 1.10.9 but then I got 'did not finish synchronizing' message in DJ. I was not sure what the CLUSB error was listed above, but I connected by phone, hit "open files" when the Windows explorer autoplay window popped up, saw the folder "CLUSB" and deleted the one file called "companionlink.db". Not sure how to 'unmount', so I did 'safely remove hardware' from the laptop, unplugged the phone, and clicked on dejaoffice. it asked all the setup questions again, and then this time when I hit sync, it worked!

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    Mayland, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately B4034 was not a good build.

    [AB44898] Thank you for using CompanionLink Software. We have recently discovered an issue where, on some Android phones, DejaOffice may be unable to complete a USB synchronization with the PC. This issue is resolved in CompanionLink build 4036, released March 22, 2011.

    If you are using CompanionLink build 4035 or earlier and you are unable to synchronize via USB, please update your CompanionLink software using the link below:

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    Thanks, I will give these tips a try on the weekend when I have some free timne.

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