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Thread: after uploading 10.6, CL fails

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    after uploading 10.6, CL fails

    I updated to 10.6 from the Market; at first, I lost any edited Memos, so I purged and synched, which fixed that problem but blanked out a whole category of memos, which I had to reconstruct on the Palm from a backup; I also lost random other items. ("Phone Account" contacts were wiped out by the purge even though DJO doesn't otherwise use that account). I was able to synch properly once. Then CL started failing (latest build): either I get a message like "wrong data type" and both CL and DJO freeze (requiring a forced stop), or I get a "runtime error" and CL shuts down (DJO can be normally cancelled).

    Captivate, Android 2.1; Palm desktop 6. Wi-Fi synch

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