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Thread: getting DejaContacts inside phone dialer on Android

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    getting DejaContacts inside phone dialer on Android

    Hi Folks, I am new here and just updated my Dejaoffice to 1.10.8. One feature that still eludes me is how to get dejacontacts visible within the dialer app. It took a while to realize that the contacts in the dialer app were pulled from Outlook on my PC while the contacts in Dejaoffice are updated from my Act record. While act is updated daily, Outlook is virtually never touched. There is not enough time in the day to keep tract of both. The problem lies in the fact that 99% of the time I am hunting for contact data, generally a phone number form within the the dialer app. I am hoping someone can tell me that there is already an easy fix for this.....
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I believe this might be a similar problem to one I had which I sorted thus:

    This was how (Nexus One).
    I set up a Google Mail account in the Phone settings (accounts & sync).
    Make sure here that auto sync is off and and background data sync is selected on.
    These settings will stop the phone syncing to your PC web account and doubling up on contact entries.
    In DJO sync settings,select "sync with Android contacts app and choose your Googlemail account.
    Important bit;
    Then go to your Phone pad and select the contacts key (list is empty at this point) Under display options, (phone pad/contacts/menu button/display options) select the account and select "My contacts" (where it says "Choose contacts to display).
    Probably having already gone as far as syncing you can just carry out the last part via the Phone pad (dialler screen).

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