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Thread: Calendar appointment times getting changed when changing time zone incorrectly

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    @ Belinda

    nice to see this is being addressed now. This will take a big headache away from me should this be solved.
    Please keep us posted for any version which will include this (including betas).
    I would prefer an option (in DJO) to simply say "ignore all time zone settings" so that NOTHING will be moved no matter what time zone the phone is in, the PC is set in or if you changing any zone on the PC or Phone.

    THANKS! :-)

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    @ Rego
    I think a workaround could be: Set your PC to the Austrian time zone. Enter all appointments.
    Change you time zone back.
    When you sync to your phone the appointments should be "off" by 8 hours.
    When you enter the time zone in Austria with your phone, all appointments should be we you expect them to be.

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    It's taking too long for something to important. See associated thread: http://www.dejaoffice.com/forums/sho...-of-time-zones

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