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Thread: How to go back to previous version

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    How to go back to previous version

    It doesn't look like anyone reads these threads but I thought I would ask anyway: the current version is too buggie, so how can I go back to the previous version?


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    Hi neil,
    I have asked the same question as my phone went from almost perfect to tottaly usless with the last update.
    If i figure it out, I'll let you know.

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    Guess no one figured it out...

    I'd also like to know how to downgrade to a non-buggy version without uninstalling the current version if possible. Unfortunately, I see that there has been no reply in the 5 years since the 2 previous posters posted.

    If someone does come around, I'd appreciate some suggestions - don't mind the 2 cobb-webbed skeletons in the corner.
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    Follow this link to access earlier versions:

    and there is a link to older versions just above "Release Notes" or go directly to the page with this link:

    You will get safety warnings and need to go into Settings/Security to allow Installation from Unknown Sources. I recommend resetting this as soon as you are happy with the new install.

    Hope this helps.

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    Westy - Welcome to the forum.

    I apologized no one replied to the March 2011 forum post.

    In DejaOffice go to the Main menu. Then click on "Release notes". Then read them, and click on the first link. That is the link to the prior versions.

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