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Thread: Loss of Android Contact Data with new Upgrade

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    Loss of Android Contact Data with new Upgrade

    Hi Folks: I have a Motorola Driod X and with the new upgrade, after I sync, I cannot open Android Contacts. It cycles and immediately closes. I like this feature better than the DO contacts. I have done 2 hard resets and it is fine until I sync with DO office and the same thing happens. If I go to the phone function and tap the contacts button, they appear there. Anyone else having this issue? Possible solutuions are appreciated.

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    I have had all of your problems and then some.
    My Droid X was syncing perfectly with CL untill the 1.10.7 update.
    I was able to use the Android contacts as you describe.
    After the updat all bets are off.
    My phone will not sync, and when it does it's tottaly unreliable. (see updat 1.10.7 and no sync)
    I'm trying to figure this out, and a guy named Thomas is trying to help.
    If I find anything I'll let you know.

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