First of all, THANK YOU for this app!! I've been waiting for an app that supports color categories since I got my android phone in Oct of last year! I do searches every other month for an app that does just this and today, I found DJO!! I was ecstatic!

With that said, I quickly downloaded the app. My phone is sync'd to my work outlook items: email, contacts, calendar, etc. So, the native phone's contacts and calendar are constantly updated from my work exchange server. As a result, I would use DJO with the option to sync with native Android contacts and calendar app. I have both options checked on the sync settings. The contacts sync'd perfectly, but the calendar does not sync.

When I hit the Read Android Data, it reads the contacts but I never see anything about syncing calendar. In fact, I did some troubleshooting and unselected sync with android contacts and only had synch with android calendar selected, hoping to force it to sync the calendar only. When I did this, the "Read Android Data" button disappeared.

The native android calendar on my phone has 2 calendars feeding into it - my work calendar and my gmail calendar. Not sure if this is causing any problems. I also verified that there are calendar items on my native calendar.

Please help! I'm so eager to use it!