I miss templates as a very important function on Deja Office.

80 to 90% of my tasks and appointments are similar in most of their properties like categories, time-spans, linked contacts etc. they look like:
- meetings with....,
- Trip to .........
- holiday in ..........
- Birthday of...,
- task for.....
and just the ........ changes

With 5-15 templates I could cover 90 to 95% of my entries and save 10 to 20 clicks for every entry!

If a template exists, containing all the information my tasks or appointment needs, I JUST have to CHANGE THE DATE and the following is taken from the template:
- Name (Description)
- Category
- Start time (series)
- Timespan
- Alarm
- linked Contacts
-> at least 10-15 clicks saved!!

Pocketinformant is and was (on WM 6.x) a reference in using templates. Take a look there how much time you can spend entering your appointments.

? What do you think about templates?

? Wouldn't that be useful in Deja Office?

? Planned?