I had been able to successfully sync my Evo to my Outlook account on my XP environment PC. I currently have it set up to sync one way (pc to phone). After one failed attempt, all that will sync to DO are my Facebook contact - none of my contacts, notes, tasks, or calendar. I've checked all of the recommended setting in CL and on my phone - even tried the purge and reload to no avail. Soooo - before I do a complete factory reset, can someone advise on how to correct? Might be good to note: after the last release, things appeared to be working (but the update process ran for several hours - I only have 3600 contacts and the initial install/read didn't take THAT long). I tried to cancel the update on my computer - my computer froze - and so did my phone. I rebooted the pc/ took out the battery on the phone. at the end - no joy - contacts still not in DO>