I downloaded and installed the DejaOffice app onto my iPhone 4. My underlying calendar setup is as follows (i.e. prior to the installation of the DejaOffice app):

Google Calendar shared onto iPhone via CalDAV

After the initial sync, all of my calendar entries showed up in DejaOffice just fine, and were viewable from Apple's calendar app (the app that is included on the iPhone) and via Google Calendars (web interface). I went through the process of setting up categories and then went through categorizing them.

Not sure when it happened exactly (an hour or so after my initial setup?), but suddenly there were a good deal of duplicate calendar entries in DejaOffice but NOT in Google calendars. I went through the process of removing the duplicates, and that has seemingly deleted the actual entries in my Google Calendar now. All of the entries are still sitting in DejaCal, but as there are literally several hundred, I would like to know if there is a way to basically tell DejaCal to publish out it's database and refresh the entries back into Google Calendar.

I am very concerned that I will lose all my calendar entries by doing the wrong procedure here, so that's why I'm asking for guidance. I have noticed that by opening up individual entries and re-saving them re-populates them on my Google Calendar, but again, there are literally several hundred, and it will take hours to do that by hand.

Please advise as I would really like to continue using your product, but I'm a little scared of it at the moment.