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Thread: Former Palm users discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by marwerno View Post
    For those people missing the stylus. On the auction website starting with an E I found some stylus that have a special conductive plastic as a tip, so they can be used on phones with a conductive screen. I think I am going to order one :-)
    Please let us know how it goes. I've tried the styluses they make for the fruit phones, and they all seem to have a squishy fat tip, which doesn't work well. But if you find one that works, I'm very interested.

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    Hmm, the ones I am looking at also have a tip that you describe... I guess the conductive screen technology simply is less accurate than a proper touch screen. So a small or a fat tip doesn't make a difference.
    I asked some of the "small tip" stylus dealers the question if they are suitable for conductive screens, but none of them where... (I'd love to get my hands one one that is basically a ball pen with the extra stylus option, to no avail...)
    I did a test:
    I took a smooth metal object to my screen (yes i know, not good. Especially on the X10 which looks after 2 months of usage more scratched than my Treo 680 after 2 years!) and I was unable to trigger a decent response, so I guess it relies on a wide contact area -> wide fat tip

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