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Thread: calendar doesn't seem to take info from iphone calendar

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    calendar doesn't seem to take info from iphone calendar

    I have a question re. the DejaOffice app for iPhone. I just downloaded it from iTunes, and installed it. When I opened it, my contacts were all visible, but not my calendar information. I do understand that you don't provide a sync with Google Calendar so far (which is my central calendar info, I work with both a Mac and a PC. Having Google as my hub is the only way to keep it all together.)

    However, why doesn't DejaOffice pull the information from the native iPhone calendar? Without it, the app is useless to me at this point....

    Thank you for any help you can give me on this.


    PS: By the way, when I press on "categories", it leaves the app and goes back to the main screen - I have iOS4...

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    Hi Karin. Apps like DejaOffice couldn't pull iPhone calendar information under iPhone OS 3 (this was a technical limitation/restriction of the OS). However, iOS 4 allows apps to work with the iPhone calendar, so we are going to add this feature to DejaOffice. ETA is by the end of July. The "categories" issue will be fixed in the next release of DejaOffice.

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