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that helps. I saw the two products as one product. So I know you guys live this software everyday. I didn't look through everything on the web site. once i understood that it had the function of sync'ing with outlook i went with it. So my point - it might make sense from your perspective and now that i've bothered to come to the forum and duke it out with you i understand. how about the other 90% of your customers? maybe an email informing people? i don't know how you would do it but i'm just telling you it caught me by surprise and it felt slimy. I didn't have to come back here to get unslimed (IE understand you). Most won't.
Hi S1,

I feel ya. I really do. I am not sure if you have read the other threads regarding this subject. You recommended an mass email. The consistent feedback we have received when we were sending email notifications is that many of our customers consider it spam and are upset with us attempting it...