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Thread: Why am I NOW getting pop-up advertisements on my device?

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    Have to agree with trainingtowin.
    Ads in what is professional business software is just not on.
    This very topic made me look at what else was available on the market and I have now installed a paid for app which works seamlessly - with NO adverts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrainingToWin View Post
    The adware process you implemented is a very bad idea, poorly implemented and you're
    starting to see the backlash from it. Also check out the feedback
    on the Android Market etc.

    Most of us have not only paid for CompanionLink but we've also
    helped (generally in many positive ways) with the development feedback and
    enduring the growing pains of DJO.

    If you need to generate additional revenue, then find some other ways to
    do it with other PC Apps or increasing prices on new users on other platforms
    other new users down the road.
    Just come up with a better pricing and marketing strategy... ads are not it.

    You should be thankful for starting to win over some customers
    it's not a good thing to leave them with the feeling they've been betrayed.

    It's too bad... we were just starting to send new customers your way.
    In DJOA 1.11.1 and 1.11.2, advertising was added. These can be easily disabled by the user. Keep in mind this is
    temporary. DejaOffice will eventually move to a paid ad-free version model or similar.

    [AB44977] In April 2011 we added advertising to DejaOffice. We are looking at gently monetizing our cost of
    development on this platform. While PC Sync is a paid product, our handheld side has been free.

    If you don't like the ads, in DejaOffice you can easily turn them off. Here's how.

    1. Open DejaOffice
    2. Go to Settings then General Settings
    3. Uncheck Enable Advertising

    In the future, we may "raise the bar" by having a in app payment or using the PC Software to subsidize the handheld side
    development. For now, there is no charge to turn off advertising within DejaOffice.

    I hope this information helps.

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